Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Remastered 2015 version)
Grade: B+

The Remastered 2015 version of Turok has hud options available in the menu.

There are 3 options to disable the hud:
Option 1. Use the hud option to turn the hud off.  This also disables some screen effects such as screen flashes when picking up items or getting injured, underwater tinting, etc.

Option 2. Turn the opacity down to zero.  The weapon wheel and messages will still display.

Option 3. Mod to disable the weapon wheel and messages.  Meant to be used with Option 2.  Download!Ap6Jmb-Bc4w0gQdpBM5L2OzzJBLV

Unpack that into your Turok installation folder.  It should show up in Turok/mods/NoWepWheelOrMsgs.kpf

Then run your game.  I use this option.  Made by Smoke39 from the GOG forum.


Turok - No Hud


Turok 2015 - no hud

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