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Thief: The Dark Project
Grade: D

1. Do a fresh install of Thief.  Make sure it is patched to version 1.33.
2. Next, download the Thief Fix which will let Thief run on modern computers (with multiple cpus) and widescreen resolutions. You can find it here:

Install T-fix

To install Thief No Hud mod:
Unpack the images in the mod file and put all of the images into your thief\USERMODS\obj\txt folder

You can find the file here:

This mod only removes parts of the hud that are always visible, namely your health and visibility gem.  Other parts are still visible when triggered (like when selecting a weapon, picking up a body, or going underwater).

To uninstall: delete the files in the thief\USERMODS\obj\txt folder that you just installed (specifically, the files that start with CRYTEX, SURCRY, and shield.gif).

Original notes I took while creating this mod, explaining how I did it, for those who care:
Go to Thief/Res folder
Rename obj.crf to
Extract the files in to another folder.
In that folder, find Obj\txt\shield.gif
Edit shield.gif in an image editor.  Make entire image black.
Do the same with files in the ojb\txt directory whose names start with: crytex
Do the same with files in the ojb\txt directory whose names start with: surcry
Copy all of those edited files into the thief\USERMODS\obj\txt directory

Create the directory if necessary

If you're using the original version of thief instead of the one patched with t-fix, recompress all of the files that you extracted along with the edited files and repack them all into a zip file called  Rename it to obj.crf and put it in your thief/Res folder.

Thief - No Hud

Thief - No Hud