i will like to hide the HUD of LOK 2 and LOK defiance no life bar i now how to do it in soul reaver 1 and its awesome but not the other games ---


How did you turn the hud off in Soul Reaver 1?

I looked and found some trainers that might work.

Soul Reaver 2 Trainer:

Soul Reaver Defiance Trainer:

I do not have those games.  I  have not tested those trainers.  Use at your own risk.


i do it with a gameshark in the psx emulator, in soul reaver 1 a gameshark that hides the HUD, but i dont now how to hide HUD in LOK 2 or DEFIANCE in the debug menu i try all options and i think its imposible unless you hack the game and i dont know that knowledge please help me, i use that trainner and cant hide the damn life and mana bars... 08:30, October 23, 2016 (UTC)


All I could find was this site that explains all the debug menu options:

Definace seems to have the option in the Debug Draw Menu with the option: Hide HUD (yes/no).

For LOK2 I found this Code Master code for the PS2 version (maybe it's like the game shark code):

Disable HUDEdit

Code MasterGS3

2013DEAC 00000000

the problem is in this trainner there is no fog menu option or debug draw menu so the option Hide HUD is not present i try all options and there is no way to hide the HUD with the trainners of the lost worlds of LOK... 

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