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Soldier of Fortune: Payback

Grade: D

Download and install this no hud mod for SOF 3 (Soldier of Fortune Payback).!Ap6Jmb-Bc4w0gQ3HsbKf-WbYQKeA

Put the Gui2 directory from that zip file into your SOF3 game installation directory. This mod only works correctly with widescreen.

To get widescreen working in game, follow these steps:

-Run SOF3. 

-Set all options in game the way you want (controls, sound, brightness, etc).

-If you want a new widescreen resolution of 1920x1080, Set the resolution in game to a resolution with four by four digits (for example, 1280x1024).  If you want a resolution of something like 1280x720, set the in game resolution to 1024x768.  Exit game -Go to Save folder (in your sof3 installation directory)

-Edit profile.dat with a hex editor (any hex editor you choose will work).

-Find the section with the resolution you set in game and type the new resolution you want over the old resolution (for example, 1920x1080).  The new resolution must have the same number of digits as the resolution set in game.

-Save the edited profile.dat file with your hex editor.

-If you haven't already, copy the Gui2 directory from this zip file into your SOF3 installation directory.

Start SOF3 and you can now play the game in widescreen with no hud.

Note: SOF3 has a bug where your weapon accuracy is tied to framerate.  If the framerate is too high (for example, on an indoor level), you will be unable to hit anything.

To correct this glitch, go into your video card options and set up a profile for SOF3.  Enable Vsync set to 60hz for the game.

Soldier of Fortune: Payback Screenshot - No hud

Soldier of Fortune Payback - No hud