Shank 2

Grade: D-

This mod contains transparent textures that replace existing textures to remove the hud from Shank 2.

Back up all files in your Shank 2 installation.

Copy over all files from this mod into your Shank installation directory.  Overwrite all files.

The game will now have no hud.  Some elements still remain, such as tutorials and indications telling you what you can pick up.  Also, when you get multiple hits on an enemy, the game normally tells you how many.  I had to remove the numbers, but couldn't remove the other text without making the menus impossible to navigate.  So, sometimes the word "HITS" will just appear on screen.  Since the numbers were removed, the stats screen after beating a level just shows a bunch of X's.

Shank 2 - No Hud mod download link:!Ap6Jmb-Bc4w0gRGFzc-IP5syEfnT

This patch was made using the Humble version of Shank 2. You may need to manually place the files from the zip into other directories depending on the version you're using.


Shank 2 - No hud mod

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