Grade: D

To remove the hud from Shank:

1. Go to this folder: Shank/data/ui

2. Find gamescreen.gfx

3. rename it to gamescreen.gfx.bak

4. Now, copy header.gfx and rename the copy of header.gfx to gamescreen.gfx

5. Run the game.

Side Effect: The cutscenes will no longer play with the hud disabled.  To skip the black screen which shows instead of the cutscenes, press start and then X (if you're using a controller) or Escape and then Space if you're using a keyboard.

Note: Unlike Shank 2, Shank 1 allows you to carry multiple weapons of the same class (for example, pistols and a shotgun).  To switch, you will need to use the directional pad on a controller.  Up / down switches shooting weapons and left / right switches between the chainsaw and whatever other strong attack weapon you also have.  If you're using a keyboard, use whatever keys you chose in the options menu.


Shank - No Hud

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