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Rise of the Triad
Grade: B-

To disable the hud, first go through the menus and find the option to enable the console.  Then, while in game, open the console with '~'.  To toggle the hud on/off, type:


To bind it to a key, open the console and type:

setbind <key> <command>

For example, to bing the 'h' key to toggle the hud, it would be: setbind h showhud

Then press the 'h' key in game to turn the hud on/off.  This disables the crosshair too, which makes the game more challenging, so I suggest lowering the game difficulty (may require you start a new game).  The hud will reappaer every time you go into the menus and then return to gameplay, so binding it to a key saves a lot of time.

Entering the command in game will save the key binding to the following file in Windows XP (not sure about later Windows versions):

My Documents\My Games\Rise Of The Triad\ROTTGame\Config\ROTTGame.ini file

You can also manually enter the following line to that file:


Replace "H" with the key of your choice.

The following image was taken by the developers.

ROTT 2013 - no hud