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To disable hud in Wolfenstein, you can use the slider in the game menus, but it still leaves a graphic of a gun in the corner and a faint health bar on the left.  To completely remove it, open the console and type: cg_draw2D 0

The setting will stick, but there is an odd slowdown that occurs when you first load the game if the hud is disabled.  You have to re-enable the hud then disable it again in game to get rid of the hud and have the game work smoothly.

open your game directory\Main\autoexec.cfg file and enter the following lines to make it easier to do it in game:

bind h "toggle cg_draw2D"

or, while in game open the console and type: /bind h "toggle cg_draw2D" (replace h with the key of your choice)

This gets rid of the crosshairs too.  If you want to keep the crosshairs, while in game run the following commands instead of cg_draw2D:

/cg_drawIcons 0

/cg_drawStatus 0

Those commands will get rid of the little gun icon and faint health bars, but leave the cross hair.  To remove the gun, use the command /cg_drawGun 0.

If you wish, you can toggle the hud and gun at the same time with a key press by typing: /bind h "toggle cg_draw2D; cg_drawGun".  Then the 'h' key will toggle both.

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