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Red Faction
Grade: D

First, I recommend installing the unofficial Pure Faction patch for Red Faction which fixes many graphical errors which make the game unplayable on newer video cards.  It also enables widescreen support.  You can find it here:

To remove the hud from Red Faction, you'll need to download a mod I've created.  You can find it here:!Ap6Jmb-Bc4w0d44I7rJ940yE7xE?e=fMB0Xf

The file is named:

To use the no hud mod with the original game (without the Pure Faction patch), you can put the nohud.vpp file in this directory:
Red Faction/user_maps/multi/nohud.vpp
or this directory
Red Faction/user_maps/single/nohud.vpp

Run the game and it will automatically work.

If you're using the Pure Faction patch, you'll need to use a different method (although this method should also work for the original unpatched game). Unpack the zip file into your Red Faction/mods folder.  So, when it's installed it should be in the following path:

Red Faction/mods/nohud/nohud.vpp

If you're using the original game, create a shortcut or batch file to rf.exe.  It should read: rf.exe -mod nohud
You should also be able to use the pure faction executable, pf.exe, so pf.exe -mod nohud or the launcher, PFLauncher.exe -mod nohud

Using PFLauncher.exe, you can also use a drop down menu to select the mod.

Info: I left the crosshair in because this game is impossible to play without it.  I also left the weapon selector parts of the hud visible when you're switching weapons.

Glitches:  While the mod works, there is a faint gray square in the upper right hand corner whenever you use the Riot Stick or Flame Thrower.  I cannot figure out why that's happening.  Luckily it's not intrusive and barely noticable.  I tried to remove the parts of the hud that appear when you're contacted by an NPC over the radio, but doing so crashes the game.  So, I had to leave that in.  Oddly, removing the rest of the hud made the communication box that pops up completely blank, so whenever you're contacted a box will appear but there is no picture or text.  It goes away when they stop talking.

Red Faction - no hud