Grade: D-

How to toggle the hud in Rage:

First, enable the console.
Create a batch file named Rage.bat (or create a shortcut)
Put this in the batch file (or in the shortcut):
Rage.exe +seta com_allowconsole 1

In game, open console with ~
bind q toggle g_showHud

replace 'q' with key of choice.

In game, press 'q' to toggle hud.

Bugs: When you enable / disable hud, text will appear that says the game is saving.  It is not actually saving your game.

Some game elements (like achievements, etc) won't register until you re-enable the hud.

This game is impossible to play with the hud off all the time because of the driving sections that force use of the mini map with no other indicators of where to go.


Rage - no hud #1


Rage - no hud #2

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