Quake 2

Heretic II
Grade: C

Quake 2, like Quake 1, needs a source port to be playable in widescreen and on modern computers without problems.  I like KMQ2 for a straight port, but I've been unable to find working links to that.  I like Quake 2 Berserker for the graphically overhauled version  Be aware, the site is in Russian.  You have to download the q2bers_base.rar and ALL of the updates.  You will need to do a complete install of the original Quake 2 game WITH the videos.  It may not work if you don't. Then, you have to unpack the Berserker Base program into the Quake 2 directory and then unpack the updates into the same folder one by one in order from earliest to latest update.  Each step is essential to get the game working.  I also recommend downloading the high-res textures to make the game look better.

To disable the hud in Quake2-Berserker (or other Quake 2 versions), open the Quake2\baseq2\autoexec.cfg file and enter the following commands:

scr_draw2d 0
rfx_burning 0
rfx_drowning 0
rfx_mask 0
rfx_pain 0
rfx_underwater 0

(Note, the values that start with rfx only apply to Berserker.  They get rid of effects that mimic hud overlays, like a gas mask).

The scr_draw2d 0 is the command that disables the hud.  It can also be applied through the console, but will reset each time the game is started unless you add it to the autoexec.cfg


Quake 2 - no hud

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