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Max Payne 3
Grade D-

This hudless mod works with the Windows retail and Steam versions, Mac isn't supported as OpenIV is only a Windows application. This will remove the health silhouette, ammo count, grenade indicators, ammo pickup indicator, and optionally the crosshairs. It's mostly intended for singleplayer.

Installation: To remove the hud in Max Payne 3, you'll need to install the OpenIV toolset to use the package format the hudless mod is in. You can download it at the OpenIV website or use the .exe installer that is included with the mod download.

With OpenIV installed, set it up with your Max Payne 3 directory and either open the package installer that's in OpenIV, or double click the 'No HUD.oiv' file that's in the download. You should get an install screen of three options:

  • Remove the hud but keep the crosshairs
  • Remove the hud and the crosshairs
  • Restore everything to defaults and get your hud back

Pick your option and launch the game.

Download the mod here:

Alternate Download for mod.  Includes full offline OpenIV installer:

Because the mod edits one of the main font textures in the game, everything that uses numbers and the ammo count font in the game will also be invisible. As far as I can tell, this only appears to be arcade mode ranking numbers and the weapon names in your inventory. You can see the latter in one of the pictures below, where the "38 Revolver" and "Micro 9mm" become "   Revolver" and "Micro  mm"

Max Payne 3 - no HUD

Max Payne 3 - Showing weapon inventory without a HUD


Max Payne 3 - no hud