Max Payne 2 the Fall of Max Payne
Grade D+

Method 1: To disable the hud in Max Payne 2, first create a shortcut to the executable. Edit the properties and add: -developer -developerkeys So, the properties of the shortcut will look like this: "F:\Max Payne\MaxPayne.exe"  -developer -developerkeys

(replace F:\ with the drive where you have it installed)

When in game, press ~ to open the console.

To disable the hud, type the following command:  hidehud

This will reset with each load.  However, once you enter it, just go back into the console and press up.  It will keep a history of the previously typed commands.  This method makes the game difficult to play since you won't know which weapons you're selecting.

Method 2:

Download the widescreen mod from here:

Then, go to my Skydrive and download the file: here:

Unpack the zip file and put the Hud-Free-Gamer.mp2m file in your Max Payne 2 directory.

Select the Hud-Free-Gamer mod from the mod selector in the launcher then run the game.

You don't need to install the widescreen mod if you're playing on an older monitor (4x3 aspect ratio), but if you're not playing in widescreen then the weapon selector of the hud free mod will look a little squished horizontally.  I based my mod on the widescreen hud mod made by Dean.  Other bugs: I removed text popups as well, so when you go to quick load a game remember to push F9 a second time or ESC to cancel.  Normally a dialog window pops up telling you that, but to make the mod work I had to make the text and graphics transparent.


Max Payne 2 - No Hud


Max Payne 2 - showing weapon selector in no hud mod.

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