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Max Payne
Grade: D

Method 1: To disable the hud in Max Payne, first create a shortcut to the executable.
Edit the properties and add -developer -developerkeys

So, the properties of the shorcut will look like this:

"F:\Max Payne\MaxPayne.exe"  -developer -developerkeys

When in game, press F12 to bring up the console (you may have to press it a couple times).

To disable the hud, type the following command:


At this time, I don't know how to bind that function to a key.  This will reset with each load.  However, once you enter it, just go back into the console and press up.  It will keep a history of the previously typed commands.

Method 2: To get max Payne to work in widescreen and without the hud, use the widescreen mod and Hud Free Gamer Mod.

Download the widescreen mod here:

That page also has widescreen fixes for other games.

Then, download my Hud Free Gamer mod from my Skydrive here:

I can't link directly to the file, so you'll have to find it in that folder.  It's named  Unpack that zip file.  Copy the Hud-Free-Gamer.mpm file into your Max Payne directory.

My mod (based on the mod of the widescreen hud mod made by Dean), will keep the crosshair and weapon selectior portions of the hud.  To use it, select the Hud Free Gamer mod from the mod selector in the game launcher.

Max Payne - no hud

Max Payne - showing weapon selector in no hud mod