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Left 4 Dead

Grade: C

If you're playing the original L4D levels in Left 4 Dead 2, you will need to follow the method shown in the Left 4 Dead 2 page.  To disable the hud in the original Left 4 Dead, use this method:

Find and edit your autoexec.cfg with a text editor (like Notepad or Wordpad).

Add the following commands:

con_enable "1"
sv_cheats "1"

bind "f1" "sv_cheats 1"
bind "f2" "sv_cheats 0"

bind "f3" "r_drawvgui 0 ; crosshair 0 ; cl_glow_blur_scale 0"
bind "f4" "r_drawvgui 1 ; crosshair 1 ; cl_glow_blur_scale 1"

When in game, press F3 to disable the hud, F4 to enable hud

NOTE: this method of disabling the hud also removes the menus, so use F4 to turn them back on when needed.

other flawed console commands:
cl_drawhud 0  -  only disables part of the hud
hidehud 4  -  removes the hud, but also disables weapon switching.

crosshair 0   -   Removes crosshair
cl_glow_blue_scale 0  - Removes glowing around npc's, players, and items.


r_drawviewmodel 0 - disables weapon (good for screenshots)

r_drawviewmodel 1 - enable weapon

If you have random beeping or static sounds in game, rename this directory:
left4dead2\sound\_common or

type this in console:

That method may prevent some sound effects from looping properly, like rain or fire.

To fix crashes: Disable Multicore Rendering in the advanced video options.

Left 4 Dead - no hud

Left 4 Dead - no hud, Zoey lookin' at me.