Hard Reset
Grade: D

To disable the hud in Hard Reset, there are two methods:
1. Easy, flawed, and temporary
2. Complex and permanent.

Easy Method:

Open the console in game by pressing Ctrl and ~ at the same time.
type: r_draw_weapon 0
that will remove the hud, the weapon, and in game interfaces (like weapon upgrades and signs).

To disable the crosshair, type: r_draw_hud 0  (disables menus too.) To re-enable either command, change the 0 to a 1.

To bind the command to a key, type: bind +h "r_draw_weapon 0"

Replace 'h' with the key you want and "r_draw_weapon 0" with whatever command you want.

Complex & Permanent Method:

This method involves editing game resources.  Back up any file before editing it.  A mistake may require a reinstall if you don't. 

Go to your game directory.  Find the \data\data_10_scripts.bin file. Change the file name to Open the file. Browse to the directory:  data/scriptsbin/gameplay/base_templates/item/ delete the "hud.nut" file. exit the .zip file.  change the name of the file back to data_10_scripts.bin. Start the game, and your hud will be gone.

To disable intro movies in Hard Reset, open your \data\misc.bin file (rename it to first). delete the data/cs/intro.lst file. rename back to misc.bin.  Start the game and the intro movie will be skipped.


Hard Reset - No Hud


Hard Reset - No Hud, image 2

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