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F.E.A.R. 2

Grade: D-

There are two options to disable the hud in Fear 2.  Both use the Helix mod (included with each mod).

Option 1. No Hud mod. 

Works in Fear 2, but NOT in expansion Fear 2: Reborn.  Only removes some hud elements.  Set all options in menus before installing this mod as you may not be able to change options afterwards.  May not work in multiplayer.

Download here:

Option 2. The Fear 2 Hud Toggle mod. 

Works with Fear 2 and Fear 2: Reborn.  Completely removes EVERYTHING from the hud.  This will also make the menus invisible, which Is why I made it a toggle (turn off in game, turn on in menus).  Does not work in multiplayer.

This mod also greatly reduces the slow motion enemy glow / highlight.  By editing the correct file, you can completely remove or increase the effect (explanation is in comments of mod files).

Download here:  Make sure to download the file.

Problem?  If you can't see the main menu and the toggle key doesn't work, open your DX9settings.ini file.  Find the line:

OverrideMethod = 2

Change 2 to 0

Still doesn't work?  Change the 2 to 1

Fear 2 - no hud

Fear 2 - no hud

Fear 2 - Hud Toggle Mod