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F.E.A.R. Extraction Point &

F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate

Grade: D-

Now 3 ways to disable the hud in Fear.

NEW Method 1:
The FEAR Toggle HUD mod.  Lets you toggle the hud ON/Off in Fear, Extraction Point & Perseus Mandate.  Just extract into your installation directory and run games as usual.  Readme file included.

Download link.  Download file named Fear-ToggleHud:

Method 2:
Fear NoHud mod. Works for Fear, Extraction Point & Perseus Mandate. Instructions are in the zip file. Just unpack all files from the zip into your Fear installation directory then run the .bat file (bat for Fear is in Fear directory, bat for Extraction Point is in your Fear\FEARXP directory, bat for Perseus Mandate is in your Fear\FEARXP2 directory).  One hud element for a new weapon in Perseus Mandate is still visible when switching to that weapon.

Download link:

Alt Download link. Download file named

Method 3:
Devmode mod. Works for original Fear only. Created by a user named Botz3000.  Unpack into you Fear directory and run DevMode.bat file to start the game.  When in game, press F3 to disable/enable hud.

Download link:

Alt download link.  Download file named

FEAR - No Hud