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BloodRayne 2
Grade: D

To remove the hud in BloodRayne 2, you have to download and install the  BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch.  I recommend version 1.666 or later.  It used to be available here, but this link now requires a password:

I’ve also uploaded it to my Skydrive (it's named BR2_FSAA_Patch_1.666.rar):!Ap6Jmb-Bc4w0c88_RuMFfmrmMiE?e=E4Ebh3

After you install the unpacked files into your BloodRayne 2 installation folder, edit the br2fsaa.ini file.  Find the line that says:

resizeHud = 0

Change it to:

resizeHud = 1

Then, find the lines that say:
resizeHudXpercent = 100    ;
resizeHudYpercent = 100    ;

Change the values to:

resizeHudXpercent = 1    ;
resizeHudYpercent = 1    ;

To disable the hud when fighting bosses, find the following lines:

resizeHudBossXpc = 100    ;
resizeHudBossYpc = 100    ;

Change the values to:

resizeHudBossXpc = 1    ;
resizeHudBossYpc = 1    ;

A new update for Bloodrayne 2 called Bloodrayne 2: Terminal Cut has been released. The new version is not compatible with this mod. The base game does NOT include an option to adjust the hud in any way.

Blood Rayne 2 - no hud