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Blood allows you to disable the hud in the normal version and in source ports such as NBlood.

The new "remaster", Blood - Fresh Supply, has menu options to disable the hud and crosshair, but the game has a glitch which causes the hud and crosshair to reappear when you load a save or start a new level if you have the crosshair disabled in the menus.

To circumvent this glitch, I've created a transparent crosshair file. Unpack the zip into your Blood - Fresh Supply installation directory (it has a folder called "mod" and inside is a file that contains the new transparent crosshair sprite.

This is only needed if you want to play the game with no crosshair.

Make sure the crosshair is turned ON in the menus.!Ap6Jmb-Bc4w0gRbc2RIRVfMBb3-U?e=9laCP8

Blood - Fresh Supply - no hud, no crosshair
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