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Alien Rage
Grade: D-

Removing the hud from Alien Rage is a pain because the files are encrypted.  As a result, you'll need to do an internet search and download a program called:


If I recall correclty, you'll need to install a dependency for that program to work.  Sadly, I don't remember which.  I know is was either one of the dotNET packages or Visual C packages from Microsoft.  Here are the packages I have installed on my windows XP comptuer:


Use BulletstormINIeditor.exe to open C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Games\AlienRage\SinglePlayer\AFEARGame\Config\AFEARInput.ini

Replace Owner with whatever your user name is.  Location may change depending on your OS.  If you're not using XP, do a file search for AFEARInput.ini

Once you've opened that file, find section: [AFEARGame.BSPlayerInput]

Add following line to that section:

Replace "H" with the key of your choice.
if you're using an xbox controller, you can set the back button to toggle the hud.  Find the line:

and change it to:

The hud may turn back on when you reach checkpoints or load a game, which is why you need to bind it to a key.

If you're unable to remap your controls in the menus so that they actually work in game, it's because the game is saving the settings to the wrong values.  You need to edit the same file as above and change the lines that have the key and then command, for example: to change the move forward key from W to E, change this line:

Editing any other line mentioning forward has no effect.  So, focus on lines where you assign functions that start with BSBA_.

Alien Rage - no hud